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ONE DECISION - choices that shape history...with the decision maker themselves

One Decision: Tough decisions rattle us all to the core.  But for guests on this podcast — the choices they are up against can also shape history. No pressure!

They take us through all of their doubts, emotions, and sometimes unexpected, consequences.

A fresh take on foreign policy.

Hear the former head of Mi6, Sir Richard Dearlove, and Emmy-winning veteran journalist Michelle Kosinski analyse, interview, and discuss.


Episodes featured on Podcast Radio alone include:

- an ambassador forced to go rogue

- a White House Director of Strategic Communications

- a former Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs

- a former First Vice President of the European Commission.

All with huge decisions on their CV, with global implications. Oh - and imagine being the person who:

- defends where the Olympics is held (this one needed an extra highlight!)

Here at Podcast Radio, we are delighted to introduce you to One Decision.

P.S. One Decision is part of the fantastic network of content from Listening Dog Media.



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