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PLANET PORKY - Mike Parry's podcast

Planet Porky: an exciting podcast from Mike Parry as he lets you into his madcap world.

Put simply, Planet Porky is the parallel universe in which this veteran radio host explains how things work in his world, and where he sets out to try and solve many of the mysteries of the Universe.

An initial cult following is now broadening into a wider appreciation of Porky Parry’s vivid interpretation of world events.

All visitors are welcome to Planet Porky, and here at Podcast Radio, we like Mike.


More on Mike Parry

Porky has worked in radio for 20 years, mostly at TalkSPORT where he was one of the original presenters. He and former Scotland and Ipswich footballer Alan Brazil took the Breakfast Show from a standing start to over 1.5 million listeners a day.

From the archives: Alan Brazil and Mike Parry

Mike’s career was put on hold in 2004 when he was flown home from the European Football Championships with acute heart failure. He spent six months in Harefield Hospital waiting for a heart transplant but fearful that his career was slipping away, he discharged himself and made a remarkable recovery through a mind over matter procedure of self-medication.

Amazingly, in 2007, he walked the Great North Run, the world’s biggest half-marathon. As a result he has been described as a medical miracle.

Mike's book 'Rooney Tunes'

Prior to entering the world of radio, Porky was a renowned Fleet Street print journalist. He was the New York correspondent of the Daily Express in his mid-twenties, chief foreign correspondent, and prior to moving into broadcasting, became the paper’s Executive Editor.

Mike wrote Alan Brazil’s autobiography “There’s An Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil” which became a best-seller and “Rooney Tunes”, a satirical examination of Wayne Rooney, often described as one of the worst football books that have ever been published.

Planet Porky is also Mike’s one-man stage show and there are plans for a new tour.


For all episodes of Planet Porky:


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