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Pod 20 chart show feat. Mike Parry

The title of this article reads like a song title...with Mike Parry being the there's a thought

The Pod 20, hosted by multi-award winning presenter, Graham Mack, is a weekly show which will feature guest podcasters talking about their podcast, what they’ve been up to, what they’ve been listening to....and the top 20 podcasts according to Podcast Radio.

Graham’s co-host in this episode is Mike Parry, host of Planet Porky.

Mike's also a host of the new release/special/call-it-what-you-want as the old team is back together: Brazil & Porky on Soundcloud.


The Podcast Radio chart is compiled using download information and listener recommendations that are made here on the Podcast Radio website. You can join in right now.

This episode first broadcast on-air at 5pm on Friday, 8th May. You can listen again here.


And if you want the FULL video version of Graham and Mike Parry talking warts and's here too!!!


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