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Meet the Pod Drops from RAIN

Pod Drop: a flash briefing podcast...for discovering new podcasts! From the brilliant RAIN News source.

Each episode describes three recently-launched ("dropped") podcasts that you might want to add to your listening.

You should add *this* podcast to your own list! Two episodes a week, each one just five minutes long.


Informative, insightful, influential, entertaining — RAIN News is the preeminent source of information and commentary about the future of radio, podcasting, and the emergence of streaming audio.

RAIN was started in 1999 by Kurt Hanson, founder of AccuRadio, a pioneering Internet radio platform. In the 14 years since its beginning, RAIN has kept a forward-looking view, both documenting and predicting the future of radio and the evolution of listening.

RAIN also puts on fantastic summits in relation to all things audio. Keep your eyes peeled for them, plus lots of news on the audio industry, at the official website below.



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