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Podcast Radio - now in a cinema near you!

We don't know about you, but there's something enjoyable about settling in at the cinema and getting ready for the main event - sipping your drink, checking the snacks and watching the adverts.

If you're in the UK and visiting the major chains, we've now got our first ever advert to spread the word about the station. We can't thank you enough for knowing about us already, but we hope our 30-second animated ad will really show the cinema going public just why we're here. With two million podcasts and 52 million episodes, there's only one radio station that helps you choose the best - us!

The ad features a cast of voices heard regularly on the station, including Hollywood legend Alan Alda and his Clear + Vivid podcast.

As part of our new partnership with Digital Cinema Media, their popular OAF (On A Friday) weekly movies show joins the Podcast Radio line-up too - and it's a really good listen, as specially as the world of film comes back to life post lockdown.

If you see our ad, make your tell your friends you were here already... .


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