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QUICK SESSIONS - exercise and health tips

Quick Sessions: a podcast made by Personal Trainers from Houston, Texas. It covers a wide range of topics in the health, fitness, and training industry.

It sounds cool, too. Host Garrett provides short episodes covering a broad range of topics rooted in research and

experience. He knows his stuff and delivers it well.


Lots of letters after one's name...

Garrett Theriot is a C.S.C.S., CPT, GFS. He has been training for 8+ years at

Timberline Fitness Studio and hosts the podcast. Clients range from high

school/collegiate athletes looking for an edge to 60+ year old working to maintain their strength and mobility.

The motto, consistency and intensity. Show up, put in the effort, and success is guaranteed, no matter the goal. Before training, Garrett received a B.S. in Finance at Louisiana State University and managed a local nutritional supplement store, Xtreme Nutrition, for four years.



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