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Re-living The Podcast Show (Listen Back)

Podcast Radio—like all good podcast anythings—was at The Podcast Show in London earlier this year.

Luckily for you, the team also set up mics and a mixer, and got to recording some of the fantastic guests and speakers from across the event itself.

While you may have already caught some of these intriguing chats on-air on Podcast Radio (and the new channel: Podcast Radio Business), here you can catch the whole series daily.


In this special 'Live In London' series, listen in to what the movers and shakers of the podcasting industry were up to. Including: plans for the future, their many interesting tools, tricks and trades that they represent in podcasting, and just a great overall vibe-check of The Podcast Show itself.

Some of them even have podcasts. Imagine that.

Kavita from Podcast Radio chats on mic with the hosts of Redhanded
Kavita went full fangirl for Redhanded Podcast

Across the Live In London series, you'll hear big thinkers from podcasting (James Cridland knows the future, you know), those working professionally within the industry, those who create from scratch, as well as those who are striving to make their company the best it can be. Yep, the whole spectrum of hobbyist to professional and back again.

Just like Podcast Radio, all accents and styles are welcome, and you 100% have permission to share and download all audio. Listen below.

And don't forget, new flashback interviews drop daily for the next few weeks.


Want to read/explore more on The Podcast Show itself? Hit the link here.

***The team at Podcast Radio sincerely apologises for using the expression 'vibe-check' earlier in this article.***


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