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RESET REBEL - healthy living in Ibiza

Reset Rebel: a podcast that examines the idea that staying healthy in Ibiza is a rebellious act.

Each week EX BBC 6 Music presenter and music journalist Jo Youle meets the Reset Rebels on the island and those with strong connections to the theme.

You'll hear from the ones who forged and fought hard for a new path in life, that supports the world through the wellness of words, actions or creations.

Featured guests are carving out new lifestyles for themselves and sharing their stories. This is just part of what makes the wellness community of the island and their New Normal so unique.

Join Jo Youle each week to meet the growing Reset Rebels team.


More on Jo...

Jo Youle is a creative audio specialist and makes podcasts for a wide variety of clients across the board from wellness brands to music events from her home in Ibiza.

As a freelance journalist and radio presenter for the past 20 years, Jo has hosted everything from news programmes & current affairs shows... to her own dance music show! At the time of writing, the Reset Rebel podcast has over 80 episodes.

And here's Podcast Radio's interview with Jo herself!



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