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RUN THE BUSINESS - intertwining the two industries

Run The Business: a weekly podcast that explores the unique relationship between running and business.

Host, Anthony Gay, speaks to CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to hear their unique stories and discuss how running became central to their lifestyle.

The show examines how goal setting, teamwork, metrics, dealing with setbacks, competitiveness and productivity weave their way into our lives both in running and business. Uncover the personal advantages people gain from running and try to answer the question, do runners make better leaders?

Run The Business shares stories and nuggets from the guest's experiences that might help us all raise our game, whether that's running or work. Run The Business aims to be engaging, inspiring and fun. As well as business, it will appeal to anyone interested in people, fitness and personal development.


More on Anthony...

Anthony Gay has a healthy fascination in both spaces having co-founded Reel2Media, an award-winning creative audio business specialising in sonic branding, podcasts, and smart speaker experiences. He is also Managing Director of ReelWorld, a global leader in radio branding responsible for shaping the sound of the world’s biggest radio stations. As a trustee of the UK Radio Academy, he promotes and celebrates excellence in radio and audio.

He lives near Manchester in the UK with his wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs. Running has been in his blood since those cold winter morning cross country runs at school. A regular park runner, he gets involved at all distances and particularly enjoys trail runs in the Lake District. He includes the New York Marathon as one of his favourite days out.



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