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Rusty Quill signs with WME

Rusty Quill Ltd, the award winning media production company based in the UK, has signed with WME, one of the world’s largest and longest running talent agencies in an unprecedented move within the sector.

Rusty Quill Ltd is among the largest independent podcast networks in the world, and it piqued the interest of WME for its ability to generate new and interesting intellectual properties with unknown voices and rapidly turn them into fan favourites.

The most notable of these - The Magnus Archives - is a horror podcast which currently boasts more than four million monthly downloads and counting.


Rusty Quill CEO, Alexander J Newall comments: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with WME. This is a huge opportunity for Rusty Quill Ltd to build on the success of our in-house podcasts."

The move appears to prove that the audio sector is continuing to grow.

Mr Newall continues, "It marks another exciting step towards greater heights in fiction and audiodrama podcasting worldwide and we are excited to see what opportunities it might result in, both for ourselves and the wider industry.”


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