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Scottish expansion for Podcast Radio

Two weeks ago, regarding our launch in Manchester, we started an article with: "It's an exciting time here at Podcast Radio."

Here we are, twelve days later, and Podcast Radio is now on the air in Scotland as well as London, Surrey and Manchester.

We started broadcasting to the city of Glasgow on Friday 12th June, adding another 600,000 people to our potential audience of more than 13 million in the UK.

Podcast Radio allows listeners to discover, sample, choose and enjoy podcasts in a broadcast radio format, including interviews with podcasters and charts of the top podcasts. Our weekly Pod 20 chart show has some fantastic guests (this week's current co-host is Hollywood legend Alan Alda from MASH and his podcast Clear+Vivid).

CEO Gerry Edwards says: “At a time when other radio stations in the UK are cutting back, Podcast Radio is growing. We’re delighted to welcome Scottish listeners – and we have big plans for future expansion in the UK and worldwide”.

Podcast Radio started broadcasting in February and broadcasts on DAB+ digital radio. It has already agreed content partnerships with podcast producers Radio New Zealand, Lionsgate UK/Cameo Productions, and Evergreen Podcasts in Ohio, USA.

One of our ‘podjocks’ (a cross between a DJ and an announcer) is US radio veteran Gene Baxter, who spent 30 years on the Morning Show at KROQ in Los Angeles and now lives in London.

Podcast Radio CEO, Gerry Edwards


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