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Sectigo's Nick France talks internet security

...what is a 'certificate', exactly??

Nick France ‌

CTO of SSL at Sectigo

Responsible for the technology and practices necessary to operate Sectigo’s global Certificate Authority.


In this chat, Gerry asks Nick France, CTO of Sectigo, all about internet security.

What does it mean when certificates do and don't work??

Where are we headed with online security and data?

SHOULD WE WORRY?! Always the best question. We love a good drama at Podcast Radio!


Listen on-demand here


Also in the discussion:

Public-key-infrastructure (PKI), a little-known GCHQ-invented technology born in the 1960’s is still the glue securing our always online society - and it’s only becoming more important.

PKI is the cryptographic technology behind the security certificates that guarantee the safety of our emails, smart devices, CNI, and much more. As the world becomes more connected, managing these billions of digital certificates is essential.

Enter Nick to speak from his Sectigo experience, leading expert in CLM (certificate lifecycle management).


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