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SOHO BITES - dedicated to films set in Soho

Soho Bites: a podcast dedicated to the films that are set in Soho, talking to people who both love Soho and love film.

For generations, Soho has been the beating heart of cosmopolitan, bohemian London.

Each episode consists of a conversation with a different writer/actor/critic etc about a particular Soho film, plus a shorter item about some other aspect of Soho.

These ‘B’ features are thematically linked to the film under discussion, although sometimes the theme is quite vague and the link tenuous! Podcast style!!


Soho Bites was originated by Dr. Jingan Young as part of her PhD research into films set in Soho. After being approached by producer, Dominic Delargy, they collaborated on a few episodes until Jingan moved on to other projects.

Dom now makes the show with only the help of his guests and has acted as producer/presenter since episode 6.

In his day job, Dom is a Studio Manager for the BBC World Service and a freelance producer. He has made programmes for BBC Radio 4 Extra and various commercial clients.


With a Spin Off and All

The spin-off series, Mural Morsels, is a series of short features broadcast weekly on Soho Radio and released as a podcast shortly afterwards.

Each week, this Soho-Bites-spin-off talks to a different person about one of 57 historical figures who appear in the Spirit of Soho mural, just off Carnaby Street.

Both of these podcasts make art come to life.



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