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SONGSTRIPPER - deep-dive into a hit song with the writer

Songstripper: a podcast that chats with songwriting legends about one of their evergreen hits and how it came about.

The podcast strips away the misty legend of the song itself, taking a look behind the curtain at how it was born. You'll hear first-hand what the song means and where it came from.

Think of the inspiration, the clever title, the lyrics and melody, the magical arrangement, who played what where and why.

This fantastic podcast exposes those intimate details, sometimes long forgotten, of what genius or luck came together to create such a memorable song and, ultimately, a hit record.


They know their stuff

Hosts Tim Jackson and Phil Thornalley are also established songwriters/producers themselves, and their own talent and knowledge come through plain as day.

If you've ever loved hit songs, you'll love the stories behind them. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

If ever there was a podcast that deserves a "drum roll, please" or a "hit it!"



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