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Steve Kann talks tech, investment and writing

In this intriguing chat, Gerry talks to author and investment specialist Stephen Kann.

The conversation surrounds all that goes with becoming an author, and the exciting world of investing.

Whether a specialist, a newbie, or just plain interested, this ten minute chat goes into the dynamic concepts of investment, tech, and making money with microcaps.


Listen on-demand here


In the book itself, Steve explains the connection between information, arbitrage and extraordinary returns available trading in these microcap stocks.

Based upon his 25+ years of experience as both a broker and an investor, the book lays out Steve's basic approach to buying and selling microcaps, along with a litany of dos and don'ts - as well as specific instructions on how to make a microcap trade.

If you've listened to the interview above, you'll realise that Steve is able to take complex information and make it easy to understand. After all, Steve has walked the walk in the investment world. If you're intrigued, you pick up your own copy of the book here.


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