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Talking double Olympic gold with Daley Thompson

Listen below: Gerry chats to Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson. They talk about storing medals, knowing you'll be a winner, Gerry performing the interview topless (sorry!), and Daley's new TV exercise gig.

On that last point, Daley and a team of world class fitness experts are launching a new fitness channel to get the British public moving while in continued lockdown.

The channel is being launched with Virgin Media - and on Friday 5th June 2020, he's joined by fellow Olympian Lord Coe. It'll be a winner's chat, as Coe also won gold medals at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics, but in the 1500 metres.


Daley really is the greatest...

Yes, Gerry is impressed by Daley in the above interview, but here's why - Daley is considered to be the greatest decathlete of all time.

A four times world record holder, Thompson won two Olympic gold medals, three Commonwealth titles, two European Championship titles, and a gold medal in World Championship. He also holds the record for being the first athlete to hold the European, Commonwealth, World and Olympics title in a single event simultaneously.

He remained an undefeated champion of decathlon for nine years straight, from 1978 to 1987.

Daley: the greatest with or without a hat


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