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TECH TALKS DAILY - technology covered

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast: in this daily tech podcast, Neil interviews tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, thought leaders, and the occasional celebrity.

It's all about tech trends such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, crypto, and the digital transformation that is reshaping our world.

The show has a diverse range of guests from some of the most exciting new tech start-ups, to the biggest tech behemoths and thought leaders across the globe. It’s this diversity that appears to be the secret sauce to the success of the show and one of the reasons it was featured by Forbes in their 15 Inspiring Podcasts For Professionals Of Every Stripe list.

Podcast Radio says: this is absolutely techtastic (yes, that's 'tech' and 'fantastic'...couldn't find an app for making new words).


An interesting note on this podcast is the quality of guests. Not for the fame, though there are plenty of big names, but the experience and importance of the opinions shared.

Neil has cornered the market on getting important players with intriguing messages. On Podcast Radio's selection, you'll hear Gary Vaynerchuk, money talk with Mastercard, the digital transformation of Manchester United, the subscription economy...and lots more. We don't want to give it ALL away!!

Gary Vaynerchuk provides words of wisdom

For all episodes of The Teach Talks Daily Podcast:

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