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THE BOOKSHOP PODCAST - bibliophile style

The Bookshop Podcast: a podcast hosted by Mandy Jackson-Beverly, a self-confessed bibliophile.

Mandy believes independent bookshops are the gems of communities. Each Monday, the host chats with bookshop

owners and managers to discover why they entered the bookselling world and what makes their stores unique.

On Wednesdays, Mandy interviews authors and specialists in the humanities and the environment.

Monthly, Mandy chats with Stephanie Stillo, Curator, Rare Book, and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress. They discuss exhibits, what's going on behind the scenes, From the Vaults! and introduce you to the people working to protect and curate the vast collections and explain how you can benefit from their work.


Why Mandy makes the perfect host!

Mandy Jackson-Beverly is an author and book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books.

During the 80s and 90s, she worked as a costume designer and stylist for photographer Herb Ritts; directors Joel and Ethan Coen, David Fincher, Steve Barron, and Julien Temple; and music icons David Bowie, Madonna, George Michael, Billy Idol, Tom Petty, and Tina Turner to name a few.

Mandy is the author of The Creatives Series: A Secret Muse, The Devil And The Muse, The Legend

of Astridr: Birth, and The Immortal Muse.



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