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THE FOODTALK SHOW - food tech, innovation, artisan producers

The FoodTalk Show: founded by Susie Warran-Smith (formerly Sue Nelson), author of Foodtech UK and founder of TLA FoodTech.

The programme was launched in March 2016 to showcase food tech, food innovation and to promote artisan producers. Food and drink experts from around the country also discuss the latest trends in everything from distribution and delivery, to taste profiles and tech innovation.

Susie has appeared on nearly every national radio programme in the UK from the Today programme and Jeremy Vine to Radio 4’s The Food Programme and Farming Today. She was formerly CEO of NW Fine Foods.

Susie is obsessed by great food and its provenance and has been a food writer for Speciality Food magazine, Cheshire Life and Lancashire Life. She is an award-winning drinks educator, writer, broadcaster, pub expert, and public speaker,

and the author of nine non-fiction books including The Philosophy of Gin, and Drink:  A Tippler’s Miscellany.


And the aim?

The podcast aims to publicise and highlight the work of key figures in the food and drink sector in the UK. Particularly to discuss how they became successful and their thoughts on growing trends such as:

  • A general move to develop less industrialised food products.

  • A desire to produce healthier alternatives.

  • The search for ‘authentic’ foods with high quality ingredients.

  • The rise of ‘free from’ foods to counteract allergies and food intolerance and to accommodate ethical and religious constraints.

  • The desire to create more wholesome and healthy food at home, quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss and equipment.

The FoodTalk Show wants to showcase national food heroes giving them the ‘airtime’ they deserve.



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