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The Hot Mess Mums Club - all types of being a mum

The Hot Mess Mums Club: a safe space for mothers to know that they are not alone when it comes to the trials and tribulations of parenting.

Presented by Jenny Powell & Kelly Pegg, each week they’re joined by famous mums alongside parenting experts as they help each other through the challenges of being a mother.


Names and voices

There are so many great names in this series, including some that you may have heard as featured content on on Podcast Radio. Including:

Kerry Katona - discussing life as a mum of 5 children from 3 marriages

Angela Griffin - with a teen, coming to terms with the fact she isn’t as relied upon today as a parent

Denise Welch - grown up children and parenting in the public eye

Lauren Goodger - shortly before giving birth to her first child

Gemma Atkinson - a mum of a toddler alongside new fiancé Strictly’s Gorka Marquez



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