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THE JAMES BOND A to Z PODCAST - film franchise info

The James Bond A to Z Podcast: a series that goes into the finest details of the James Bond franchise, often featuring guests who were integral to the making of the films themselves.

Hosted by three lifelong James Bond fans – film journalist Tom Butler, journalist Tom Wheatley, and improviser Brendan Duffy – The James Bond A-Z Podcast is an introduction to the people behind the world’s greatest spy film franchise. Each episode covers the key creatives and characters from every James Bond film from 1962’s 'Dr No' to 2021’s 'No Time To Die', talking about Ken Adam to Max Zorin, and everything in-between (and yes, that includes 'Never Say Never Again').

The show shines a light on every aspect of the filmmaking process answering many of the questions you always wanted to ask about the 007 films.


Note: This podcast is not affiliated with the James Bond brand, Eon, MGM or the Ian Fleming estate.

BUT... We the hosts certainly know their stuff and it is truly a wonderful podcast. If you are a fan of James Bond - whether books, film or trivia - we at Podcast Radio highly recommend this specific podcast.



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