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THE LAST STAND DOWN - audio drama from a novel

The Last Stand Down: a Fiction Audio Drama Podcast, adapted from the novel, The Last Stand Down written by Philip J Bradbury.

The story is based in London and co-written by Podcast Producer, Jeffrey Milne, and Author, Philip J Bradbury.

Arthur Bayley is bored with life, love, and work in London. He dreams of a James Bond lifestyle full of danger and uncertainty. After being stood down in suspicious circumstances surrounding a particular insurance claim, his dream life soon becomes reality as he falls deep into the conspiracy of the case along with his boss, Mary Collins.

It is then revealed the insurance scandal involves Britain’s Foreign Aid program, the suppression of a free-energy system, the upcoming London Olympics, and corruption at the highest levels of politics, banking, and police.

The case brings together a group of unlikely offenders and defenders from several countries and a connection to stolen artifacts. Arthur manages to rise above the challenges set along the way and eventually finds a new life, the one he has been longing for mid-life.


Voices from around the world...

The recording of this podcast project had its challenges due to COVID-19 in 2020, with the only workable solution being to record all characters separately and piecing it all back together as a complete audio production.

Therefore, it's not an 'in-studio' recording, but more than pleasantly surprising with the performances of many fine voice actors that the production team discovered along the journey, bringing this fiction story alive for your listening pleasure.



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