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THE LOST - stories of missing people

The Lost: a podcast based around true stories of New Zealand's missing people.

Paloma Migone digs into the cold cases of those who never came home.

Each episode is a masterfully created piece of content, centralised around unfortunate, difficult, and sadly mysterious circumstances. This podcast is engrossing, in both its powerful connection with the listener, but its dedication to telling the story itself.


Radio New Zealand

This engaging podcast is from the library of great RNZ podcasts. You can hear LOTS of intriguing, thoughtful, and award winnings podcasts here:


The Host

Paloma Migone is RNZ's Wellington Bureau Chief. A Canadian, Peruvian journalist, Paloma has also worked for Stuff, NZPA, and AAP in the UK before joining RNZ in 2014.

She was raised in Mississauga, Ontario, but also spent seven years of her childhood in Lima, Peru. Paloma moved to New Zealand in 2009 for one year but never left.

She's now settled in Lower Hutt, where she lives with her husband and dog Inka.


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