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The Michael Harrison Wrap: a dynamic one-hour overview of the current U.S. conversation. You'll hear a wrap up of the hottest issues and stories discussed this week on U.S. talk media (radio, TV, internet).



Resourcing the research of broadcasting trade journal TALKERS magazine and hosted by radio industry icon Michael Harrison, the programme features interviews, analysis and opinions from a variety of voices covering a diverse array of political and social ideologies.

For our international may have noticed that we spell everything in this bio in 'UK English'. The Queen's English, as they say! The Michael Harrison Wrap that goes out on-air, well that's all very American sounding. We love it.

It can also be found on 104.7 WONK FM (what a name, by the way).

It comes from a deep library of fantastic audio just like it - so if you like it on Podcast Radio, hear more from Michael Harrison at the link below.



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