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THE MORECAMBE BAY PODCAST - spreading stories of this wonderful place

The Morecambe Bay Podcast: from nature to culture; photography to art, this podcast series features a wide selection of people, all of whom have a passion for Morecambe Bay, the area that straddles Lancashire and Cumbria in the north west of England.

The home of comic Eric Morecambe, famous for its' birdlife, amazing sunsets over the Lake District and with a proud history, the area offers a wealth of stories that have been unearthed since the Morecambe Bay podcast was launched in March 2021.

Born during the pandemic, the podcast was the idea of Morecambe journalist Nigel Thompson who has lived around the Bay for decades yet says it’s an area he's still learning about. Recorded on location as much as possible, editions have ranged from Walney Island in the west to Sunderland Point in the south and all points in between.

What began as a series of six has now expanded to over 30 episodes and there’s no sign of interest decreasing. Editions are shared every week or so.


See the podcast via socials

Using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share imagery about those featured in the series, Nigel also shares a regular feed of the stunning shots that have made the Bay world famous in between.

The hashtag #itsallaboutthebay features regularly among the thousands who now enjoy the series. Twitter @morecambe_bay, Instagram morecambebaypodcast and Facebook Morecambe Bay Podcast.



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