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THE OUTDOORS FIX - health and outdoors

The Outdoors Fix: a podcast to inspire listeners to get outside and make outdoor adventures a bigger part of their lives.

Hiker and journalist Liv Bolton speaks to fantastic women and men who have changed their lives to get outdoors more and their stories and tips can help listeners do the same!

Recorded outside and on the move, the podcast opens up the conversation about how the outdoors can be key to our wellbeing.


Real advice about life!

There’s also practical advice about hiking, cycling, wild swimming, landscape photography to get stuck into too.

You’ll hear how it has helped some people with their mental health, connected people, brought purpose and a whole lot of fun to people’s lives.

The Outdoors Fix launched in February 2019 and there have been three series so far. Liv Bolton came up with the idea for the podcast after her 800 mile, 10 week hike of the South Island of New Zealand in 2018.



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