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The Pod 20 with Rob Goldstone

The Pod 20, hosted by multi-award winning presenter, Graham Mack, is a weekly show which features guest podcasters talking about their podcast, what they’ve been up to, what they’ve been listening to....and the top 20 podcasts according to Podcast Radio.

Graham's guest co-host for this episode is Rob Goldstone...the man who wrote the "world's most famous email". It's a big thing, google it.

Rob's own podcast has sky-rocketed up the podcast charts all around the world. He interviews interviewers!

Think Eamonn Holmes, Emma Forbes, Jeffrey Toobin and Tom Arnold. Here's more on An Englishman In...

Find out how Rob goes BEING interviewed about it all. Along with finding out the top 20 podcasts according to Podcast Radio.


Listen to the full Pod 20 episode right here and now - or head to a partner app via our handy links below!


We love showing you behind-the-scenes! So... here you can check out the raw video version of their chat.


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