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The Pod 20 with Simon Squibb...who is helping a million businesses!

The Pod 20, hosted by multi-award winning presenter, Graham Mack, is a weekly show which features guest podcasters talking about their podcast, what they’ve been up to, what they’ve been listening to....and the top 20 podcasts according to Podcast Radio.

Graham's guest co-host for this episode is Simon Squibb.

Simon is an entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, podcast host, founder and Chief Purpose Officer at The Purposeful Project.

We know, you noticed the 'podcast host' part, obviously. His pod is a goodie and makes it into our top 20! It's called the Good Luck Club.

Simon has started 17 companies, invested in over 60+ start-ups and has mentored hundreds of founders.

Having sold his award-winning branding and digital agency, Fluid, to PwC, Simon now focuses on inspiring, motivating and guiding both budding and experienced entrepreneurs by sharing his personal experiences, insights, ideas and tips.


Listen to the full Pod 20 episode right here and now - or head to a partner app via our handy links below!


We love showing you behind-the-scenes! So... here you can check out the raw video version of their chat.


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