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THE REAL AGENDA - with Tom Burgess

The Real Agenda with Tom Burgess: a podcast series that focuses on finding the answers to the fundamental issues of our time. Sounds easy, right?!

Episodes cover economic justice, corporate responsibility and inclusive prosperity, as well as democracy and protecting our planet.

The conversations are with activists, campaigners, researchers, politicians, media, leaders and influencers. Its informative content answers the call, how can we make change happen & “what can I do?” That’s The Real Agenda!


And there's more!

In addition to The Real Agenda with Tom Burgess, The Real Agenda Network also distributes podcasts from like-minded organisations.

These include: Compass, Compassion in Politics, Extinction Rebellion, The Equality Trust, The Forgiveness Project, Tax Justice Network, Taxpayers Against Poverty and Unlock Democracy.

These shows are available on all main podcast providers and listened to by thousands every month, primarily in the UK, as well as USA and 50 countries across the world.



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