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THE SILL - art, technology, life

The Sill: a podcast from Canada, with Peter Noce, a media producer and technology trainer/tutor and Harry Posner, a writer, author and Dufferin County’s first Poet Laureate; sharing their interests and passions.

The original concept of the podcast was to explore areas relating to Art and Technology, evolving into a virtually ‘no limits’ conversation.

Neither of the hosts are experts, nor profess to be - they suggested this line - we think they sound top-notch, obviously! They believe in being on the same level as the listener, offering up ideas and thoughts that come from life experiences, inviting listeners to eavesdrop on what they hope is an enjoyable and interesting dialogue.

The duo discuss artificial intelligence, the power of poetry in the digital age, explore the worlds of tea and coffee, ageing, death and dying, and interview a range of fascinating people.

The whole point is to both educate and entertain, and to re-enliven the art of conversation.


100 Plus...

This podcast is a not only a great listen, but it has also smashed through the 100 episode marker, and is now approaching the 200 mark. Impressive stuff.



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