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THE TED INTERVIEW - TED Audio Collective

The TED Interview: in this new season of the TED Interview, conversations with people who make a case for...optimism.

Not some blind, hopeful feeling but the conviction that somewhere out there are solutions that, given the right attention and resources, can guide us out of the dark place we’re in.

This podcast shares those ideas—and the people propelling them—to light a possible path forward.


What is it about AI?

For the episode heard on Podcast Radio, it is all about AI.

Will innovation in artificial intelligence drastically improve our lives, or destroy humanity as we know it? From the unintended consequences we've suffered from platforms like Facebook and YouTube to the danger of creating technology we can't control, it's easy to see why people are afraid of a world powered by AI.

But in this interview, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman makes a case for AI's potential to make the future better for all of us—and explains how his company is leading that charge with an unusual new business model.

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