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THINGS UNSEEN - exploring beyond the material

Things Unseen: a podcast exploring what's beyond the material, visible world. And it does so through an unseen medium – audio.

The podcast is here to grapple with a spiritual climate that no longer fits into orderly patterns. Fewer of us are attracted to formal religion, but more believe in angels. Or life after death. Or simply some kind of higher power. At the same time, some faith groups are booming like never before.

Things Unseen examines what’s most intriguing in this fragmented spiritual landscape: phenomena on the boundaries of religious experience. Cross-over and unusual faith perspectives. The ethics of the digital age. And insights into the private spirituality of public individuals.



Things Unseen is thought-provoking, intelligent speech radio for people who have a faith, and those who just feel there’s more out there than meets the eye.

It comes in formats ranging from audio drama to powerful one-on-one interviews. It’s brought to you by award-winning voices alongside new talent.

Things Unseen is a CTVC production.



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