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Top Ten Tips for Great Podcasts

We've listened to loads and here's our advice!

There's over 2,000,000 podcasts, and around 40,000,000 episodes - but there's just one Podcast Radio - and recently, we were asked to distill what our ears tell us makes a good podcast for the audience at the 2021 Religion and Media Festival.

We're regularly asked what advice we would give to aspiring podcasters, so Gerry - aka the Boss, cooked up his 'Top Ten Tips for Great Podcasts - boiling down many years of experience into one handy, and super sharable list.

There's a wealth of useful advice in there - making sure you aim for the best possible audio quality you an get from your kit, publishing new episodes consistently - and be patient.

You can check out Gerry' list in full here - 'Top Ten Tips for Great Podcasts'.

Once you've got your own podcast off the ground, why not submit it to us here at Podcast Radio? You could end up on our schedule.


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