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UNCLASSICAL - a modern look at the classics

Unclassical: a podcast that's calling out bad behaviour and general silliness...from familiar classic books!

Join comedy duo and sisters, Marsha and Katy, as they wander through famous stories we may have once taken for granted.

They may sound like sweet, young people, but these two won’t hold back when calling out misogyny and the most epic of plot holes.

You can expect feminist chat and lots of laughter as we revisit the stories we all thought we knew - and in the words of the hosts, "the past is a bleak and bizarre place!"


Think about it a little...

The classic novel, the playground of literary greats such as Austen, Dickens, the Brontë sisters... but have you actually READ these books?

Bringing in the funny anecdotes, coarse language and general silliness, this podcast isn’t a podcast you want to reference in your coursework.



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