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Understanding The Gut

Consultant Gastroenterologist Professor Barbara Ryan and Clinical Dietitian Elaine McGowan are passionate about digestive health. They became the Gut Experts.

And we got Mark P from Podcast Radio to try and understand what a Gut Expert does. Listen to the interview below.

As Barbara and Elaine joined forces, and having already worked together for over 13 years, they’ve spent a lot of time together discussing patients’ conditions, symptoms and solutions.

Let their knowledge spill over into your ears.


While in their clinical practice they treat patients with both organic and functional gut conditions, as The Gut Experts, Barbara and Elaine will focus on learning about and living with IBS and a related condition called Functional Dyspepsia, as they feel that many people diagnosed with these conditions are often left searching for more answers and advice.

By sharing their expert knowledge gleaned from years of clinical experience and the most up-to-date research, they want to educate, empower and encourage eating for gut wellbeing to help people find the best solutions for managing their gut problems.


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