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UNDISCUSSABLE - with Charlie Webster

Undiscussable: a podcast that explores domestic abuse, what it is and who it affects. Charlie Webster leads this raw investigation and challenges listeners to rethink one of society's most complex issues.

Undiscussable challenges the tough male and the defenceless female image that we have for so long associated domestic abuse with. Charlie, the host, a child survivor herself, has worked with victims of all genders and backgrounds for

many years, and wanted to get to the heart of domestic abuse to understand what can be done.

Whilst it touches on the reasons for the UK’s failings of the justice system, the underlying cause and effect is universally felt.

The medium of audio has allowed Charlie to get such unprecedented access. Charlie made this as an independent production so she could be true to the core and represent victims.

Charlie and alongside her friend Tanya Hudson, are the team behind Undiscussable, they are both child survivors of abuse.

Charlie is host, creator and producer, Tanya is production and editorial assistant. They made Undiscussable to be a voice for so many people that are suffering in silence and

isolation - educating, breaking taboos and motivating others to take a stand.


Charlie has also featured on our Pod 20 chart show, discussing her own story in further detail.


Charlie Webster is a broadcaster and has worked with victims of domestic and sexual abuse for many years.

She sits on an independent MOJ panel which advises the government. Charlie has spoken numerous times at No. 10 Downing Street and in parliament about her findings

of how the justice system fails victims and also about her own experience.

She has advised on the domestic abuse bill and victims’ strategy.



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