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US radio legend is a Podcast Radio fan

Respected expert Fred Jacobs finds us fascinating...

We love each and every one of our listeners - we exist to help you discover the world's best podcasts - there's so many out there, and we want to be your guide.

It's a huge buzz when we get word from someone listening in - no matter where they are in the world. If you tell someone that you love Podcast Radio, they might give us a listen too.

Recently, the massively respected US radio expert - Fred Jacobs (winner of "Radio Consultant of the Year" FIVE times...) let his followers know he's become a bit of a fan of ours, and that's amazing.

In a post on the Jacobsmedia blog they said we had "caught their ears" and Fred himself called Podcast Radio a "fascinating mashup of podcasting and broadcast radio."

Thank you Fred! We'll take compliments like that all day.

If you're like Fred and are a fan of what we're doing, why not tell a friend?


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