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VERBAL DIORAMA - film and cinema

Verbal Diorama: a podcast in which you'll find the history and legacy of movies you know, and movies you don't!

It's a show and tell show about movies; a verbal diorama (hence the name being well thought-through!!).

Hosted by Em, the podcast talks through production history, cast, crew, trivia, facts, music, industry and awards recognition... and basically why the movie is worth your precious time. Em stays positive and upbeat whilst also recognising that sometimes movies aren't perfect - but no-one goes out of their way to make a bad one.

Em says, "Cinema is a fascinating art-form, and a great way to escape into a different and exciting world. Let Verbal Diorama be your guide, on a podcast full of honesty and unabashed glee!"


A geek of all trades but a master of none (literally her words)

Em hosts, writes, researches, edits, produces and runs all the social media for Verbal Diorama, as well as drinking copious amounts of coffee. She also writes articles for Film Stories magazine and website.

She's not a film scholar, story expert or a critic; she just loves movies and has been fascinated with film-making since childhood. She loves animation, comedy, action and superhero movies, and has a particular fondness for Keanu Reeves that may or may not come up in some episodes. It does, by the way.

When she's not podcasting or writing, she's either working at her IT day job or being shouted at by a very noisy cat... while watching another movie.



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