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VINTAGE ROCK POD - flawless rock content

Vintage Rock Pod: the ultimate classic rock podcast with big name interviews - including Rock & Roll Hall of Famers - plus short 5 minute daily episods called THIS DAY ROCKS.

The podcast is hosted by Paul Stephenson, a 20 year UK radio veteran and full-time freelance professional audio editor.

THIS DAY ROCKS features one big event in rock from this day in history with big name interviews, journalists and other podcasters involved. Part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.


Just about perfection...

If you have ever loved music, rock'n'roll and/or the fantastic stories that go with creating the songs and artists that have shaped popular culture, then this pod is for you.

Paul's delivery and craft in creating flawless rock content is simply obvious in every episode. Soak it up! Check out the full back catalogue now.



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