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WALKS AROUND BRITAIN - let's get walking!

Walks Around Britain: a podcast that's here to get you out walking. Every month, the podcast has got audio walks, interviews, outdoor news & views and area walking guides - inspiration for your next walking trip.

You'll also find the team on the web, on social media, on DVD and on their television series - which is on TV channels around the world, on Amazon's Prime Video and via our the official Walks Around Britain+ video subscription website… a kind of "Netflix for walking".

So discover some great short walks from around the British Isles right across the Walks Around Britain channels, starting with the podcast.


Whose boots are made for walking?

The presenter of the Walks Around Britain podcast is Andrew White - one of the country’s leading authorities on walking.

He set up Walks Around Britain as a website in 2009, and the brand has since developed into the largest Twitter account for British walking, a podcast and a TV series watched by over 50 million viewers since it started in 2016.

Andrew not only presents the podcast, but he also is the lead presenter and producer of the Walks Around Britain TV series too.

He is an Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion, inspiring more people to get outside and discover walking.



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