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WE'D LIKE A WORD - authors and interviews

We'd Like A Word: a podcast about words. Made up of all things literature, this great podcast delves into writers, readers, books, poetry, lyrics, scripts, comedy, illustrators, agents & all things wordy.

Podcast Radio says: this really is a charm of a pod. Episodes have a great sound driven by these two fantastic regular hosts.


About Paul Waters

Paul Waters is the fella on the left. He’s the author of Blackwatertown (a thriller set on the Irish border in the 1950s). And if you want to see one of the inspirations for Paul’s book walking with the Queen – when she was still a Princess, click here.

Paul’s main claim to fame? Making Pelé his tea.

...not the ACTUAL tea given to Pelé.

About Stevyn Colgan

Stevyn Colgan is the fella on the right hand side above. He’s the author of A Murder To Die For, The Diabolical Club, One Step Ahead – Notes from the Problem Solving Unit, Joined Up Thinking, Constable Colgan’s Connect-O-Scope, Saving Bletchley Park (with Dr Sue Black), Colgeroons, The Third Condiment and Henwedhlow (with Tony Hak). Steve’s website is here.

He’s also been a chef, a comics publisher, a monster maker and – for three decades – a police officer in London. We don't know if he still has the uniform.



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