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What Adults Don't Tell You Before You Adult - youth and lifetsyle

What Adults Don't Tell You Before You Adult: a podcast which explains to young adults that it's okay to not know what you're doing with your life.

Career wise, life wise, emotional wise... nobody really knows what's going on, so it's all about bluffing your way through life and pretending you have everything together.

Tom and Anya have finished university and when they thought they would be greeted by open doors, they were actually just being walked through a house of mirrors.

Not knowing what to do, they stumbled into jobs they didn't want and are slowly adjusting to adult life and how to get good at it. That's why they have made this podcast.

Season 1 is all about the instant struggle of leaving full-time education and into the real working world. Season 2 is about celebrities and well known guests to explain their adventure into adult life.

This podcast is all about not knowing where you're going, you are not alone and its okay to fail.


What Adults Don't Tell You Before You Adult: is a long title, and the podcast is fantastic!



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