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WORDS TO THAT EFFECT - the shaping of popular culture

Words To That Effect: a narrative storytelling podcast that explores the intriguing places where fiction, history, science, and popular culture intersect and inspire.

From the Victorian past to utopian futures, dinosaurs to detectives, zombies to mummies, how does literature shape our understanding of popular culture?

WTTE was launched in 2017 and is hosted and produced by Conor Reid. The show has been featured in The Guardian and The Irish Times, been played on Radio New Zealand, and performed live in Ireland (Dublin Podcast Festival 2018 & 2019) and the UK (Pod UK 2020).


The right man for the job...

Conor Reid is a podcaster, producer and writer from Dublin, Ireland. His background is in English literature teaching and research and he has published widely in the area of popular culture.

Words To That Effect came out of a desire to tell the world about his weird research interests, from pulp fiction and Victorian ghost stories to dinosaurs, Martians, talking apes, telepathy, detective stories and lots more!

Conor works in The Podcast Studios in Dublin helping podcasters shape and tell great stories.



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