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WORK WIFE BALANCE - that sweet married co-worker situation!

Work Wife Balance: a podcast exploring the trials and tribulations of a media-savvy married couple who also work together.

As if working together wasn’t enough, Leigh and Chris also spent their first year of marriage in three lockdowns and a global pandemic.

This podcast gives them a chance to put down the mic and camera, and go off script. Hear how they juggle being newlyweds at home, while working together in the studio.

They’ll be covering important topics like: is it OK to secretly throw away your husband’s clothes, and whose turn it is to shave the rabbit’s backside?

Each week they’ll answer your questions, featuring the only celebrity they could afford... Leigh’s Dad and Yorkshire’s finest… “Papa Milner”.


Hear more, help more...

They say, "Subscribe to the Milner-Berrow podcast so we can eventually afford to buy a house." Love 'em!!

This podcast is part of Podcast Radio’s Original programming.


Insta: @WorkWifeBalancePod | Twitter: @WorkWifeBal

And you can also catch them on another podcast, Naked Gaming. With a focus on the gaming, obviously.



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